Spoil Timer On Food Bugged or Changed for the worse

I put 5 stacks of 5 Exotic Flesh into my Large Campfire, and before I even turned my campfire on, all 5 stacks had lost 3-6 Exotic Flesh in each stack and my spoiled meat was increasing rapidly right before my eyes. This stopped as soon as I turned on the Large Campfire.

I had just taken the stacks out of a preservation box.

Singleplayer, server ?

Didn’t see that, and just hunted, cooked my meat just before. Have still feral and juicy meat in my campire. Didn’t mention any spoil-time changes.

Did you restart an old game on singleplayer maybe. Or what are the server-settings ?

The Testlive PVE ENG 3 server.

It may have been the act of moving it from my preservation box to my inventory then to the camp fire. It was rapid-fire spoiled meat.

Ok, so officiel server.
You should be able to see the settings, on what the spoiltime is set.

If set as usual, so it may be bug.
Just tested stuff on singleplayer, and there i didn’t mention change. But i play also on server, but not today. So no clue.

Yes a bug, spoil time is at 1.0 as per normal.

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