ItemSpoilRateScale and Campfires/Wheel of Pain

Game mode: Private Server, PVE
Problem: Bug

Server has ItemSpoilRateScale set to 0. Food inside of wheel of pain and cooking fires seemed to be “disappearing”. Wheel would estimate 4 hours worth of burn time, but food would be gone in only a few minutes instead. Several of my players monitored the wheel/fire and found that the meat and gruel was spoiling and disappearing at an accelerated rate. Setting the server ItemSpoilRateScale setting to .01 or any non-zero number causes the food in campfires and wheels to behave the same as the food in the players inventory.

Repro steps:

  1. Set ItemSpoilRateScale=0
  2. Put food in campfire or wheel of pain
  3. Do other things for a few minutes, then return to wheel or campfire
  4. Food is gone, when it should still be there as it cannot spoil.

Also have this issue. No intentions of running any sort of item spoil on my server, either. :frowning:

Seeing the same thing. Sometimes food spoils immediately with ItemSpoilRateScale=0.