[PC] Items rotten/spoil too fast

Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Private Server
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: none

In some crafting stations, items spoil at an abnormal rate. Here what I notice:

  • Compost bin: Meat spoil very fast as spoil meat, it happen when go far away of it. It doesn’t respect the timer

  • Camp Fire: Meat spoil really fast when you are away from it

  • Wheel of Pain: Gruel spoil really fast when you are away

  • Cooking pot: Meat and other perishable items spoil inside when you are away

  • Yog Altar: Even yog meat is spoiling inside when you are away

  • Meal on you when log out, sometimes (not always) your meal into your inventory spoil when you are log out.

All this issue happen when you are away of the crafting stations, if you stay close or open it, this will not trigger. My settings for spoiling time is set to 0.1.

I have noticed inconsistencies with the spoilage rate on live.