Food instantly ready and ruined after hit play on bonfire

Placed alot of rare fish in the bonfire then after hitting play, every fish was instantly done, but almost everyone of them had turned into putrid meat… waste of good fish. Nice bug.

Hey @conan101fan

We’ll need a little extra information in order to relay this issue to our team. Did this happen in single player, online private or in an official server? Any mods installed?

I’ve had similar happen.

No mods

Private PVE server


When I remove bracelet and respawn in my base and go directly to my campfire (happens with furnace too).

If I check and start cooking something before everything loads in, The server appears to “fast forward” for a small increment of time in order to “catch” up from the last time I was in base.

So for example. With the setting of keeping items on death. I remove bracelet at mounds of the dead after looting my fish traps and being there 1-2 days and respawn in a base located at say Stormfall/ Devils squat.

The server does a catch up… it sort of reminds me of decay timer refreshing but seems to affect stations/cooking mostly.

Perhaps it’s the same bug or similar side effect of the bug OP is mentioning.

I believe it has to do with how the server updates/refreshes information after being away for a time.

I’ve noticed this too sometimes in Furnaces: I’ll come back from a farming trip and load it up with Stone/Ores, only for those to instantly “cook”. Official servers. It’s probably to do with the catch-up timer that simulates the workstations running even while you’re not near, but I wouldn’t know for sure. Personally always just treated it as “rolling a natural 20 on my crafting roll” :smiley:


Hey, this happened in official server, I’ve had this problem with different stations actually, not just bonfire. Seems to happen when I’ve not been using it for awhile and then after placing the things in the station and hitting play then it happens.

Another bug:
Usually after placing elevator and going on it, I suddenly spawn high up after going down a few meters, then falling down on the elevator losing health and sometimes die, this is also on official server. This bug is only after going on it first time after placing it, if that helps.

now that I’ve got your attention I would also like to say that Godbubbles shouldn’t be as expensive as gods, I don’t see how anyone would want to use so many days weeks months on building a base in conan then there comes a person with a few gods and wipes the whole base, yes I’ve seen this, 4months of work down the drain haha… at least we should get zeals from snake idols or something.

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Conan, as to the ‘another bug’ have you tried to cycle the elevator once without riding it? If it still happens after that, it deserves a new thread.

As to what some term ‘instacraft’, I have experienced that fairly often, but never load a cooker when coming to a base after a while, only the smelter, blacksmith, tanner or carpenter. There seems to be a problem with the ‘catch-up’ timer that causes this. See the following for an example of the opposite effect, but associated with the timer.



Also had this happen yesterday at official PvE server @ PS4 (so no mods).
It can happen mostly in any station. Being it a wheel or the furnace.

But yesterday I also had it while cooking and the strange thing is, that 50% of the food turned into rotten meat.

So as someone else speculated, there is a timing issue. But all the other stations have no “downside” when it uses more time, because ingots or people dont “rot”.


I’ve had it happen to spider eggs lol. Rip gold coins. Just so people are aware. It affects compost bin.

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Thanks everybody for the confirmation and additional information. Relaying it to our team.

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