Food turns instantly into putrid meat

I have had it several times now on test live server US3 when I put a stack of meat into a cooking station and turn the station on, the meat turns instantly in pudrid meat. Or sometimes it instantlyturns into cooked meat and then into putrid meat.
It happens with campfires and large campfires as far as I know and typically only happens the first time I cook something after logging in.
I feel like time is actually sped up inside the cooking station because sometimes the amount of pudrid meat starts out as the same number of the pieces of meat but other times I see the number of pudrid meat drop quickly too, like some of it expired.


Yea I think I’ve seen this too on normal servers not just test live. Seems related to the bug I reported where gruel all cooks instantly. Then the client gets an outgoing buffer overflow error and disconnects me.


My hunch is this is something that happens when servers stay on for too long. If we could just get a daily reboot on all servers, it would solve so many issues.

Time skipping instant craft happens frequently on the official servers which are restarted daily.
It’s code that is not executing property.

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This bug will also consume an entire stack of fuel as well.

I believe this issue is related to the “catch up” thing. It’s been around since launch and most likely will never be fixed.

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Yes, there are several instant craft around, they may happen, but not still.
Saw this on my regular server to.

Happens also on daily restarted servers, test- and regular ones.

But yes, reboot is still good to fix some stuff, i agree. I think they run perf-tests and such over time on the testlive-servers, that’s why they don’t reboot often.

i think it’s issue where sometimes when crafting, it runs out of things to cook and a bug in the auto-stop makes it not stop server side and keep accumulating time towards materials not present. then when the materials are added, this accumulated time is all applied at once.

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@BlueFalcon I think you may be right - it could have something to do with the catch up coding. I just had the same issue again after recent update to testlive servers.

Sometimes its a blessing, sometimes its not. I once put 500 exotic meats in the large campfire and they cooked instantly… well saved me some time atleast.

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