Sometimes all my gruel cooks instantly

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: US

Sometimes when i put seeds in my large campfire and hit play, it cooks up all the gruel instantly. I think if you leave it running and walk away and let it stop by itself somehow the internal cooking timer never stops.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Large Campfire: Put in fibers and seeds, with way more fiber.
  2. Press PLAY and close window, let it cook away and stop on it’s own.
  3. Come back in a couple hours and add more seeds.
  4. Press PLAY and instantly all seeds turn to gruel.

Hi, Furroy

This is a known bug and very hard to reproduce, but one in our favor, if you will.

It’s happened to me several times, once with a full smelter of ironstone. There are several older posts about the issue, but I do not know if it is on Trello.

From my perspective, it is much more important to resolve the issues that prevent, or detract, from logging in and playing.

Although a reported and acknowledged bug, I think most who use this forum would agree, but please do not let that deter you from reporting (quite well, in fact) any issues you find.



if i don’t see it on trello i assume it’s not been reported…

Good indicator, that.

I just remember several posts about it and was remiss about not searching these boards. Did that now and got the below by searching “instant craft”. Actually it is a problem when crafting coins as noted in the first search result below …

I get plenty of coins in pirate’s bay so kind of dismissed it mentally, my bad.

Good luck. I am sure @Ignasis will help when he reads this.


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Hey @furroy

Thanks for your feedback. As @Jim1 mentioned above, we’ve had some reports in the past about this problem, but it was impossible for us to reproduce it internally. The way you reported it it gives the impression that it could be a UI problem, so maybe with this extra new bit of info our team can finally crack it down. :slight_smile:

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For us, this bug seems to happen in the following conditions :

  • A crafting station (let’s say a furnace) finishes something with some fuel remaining and go idle.
  • A long period of time elapses without using the same station, possibly requirering a server restart in between.
  • Then add something to the furnace, let’s say stacks of Iron stones.
  • Click “Play”, Iron stones are all instantly turned into iron ingots, consuming fuel accordingly. As if the station silently continued to process fuel while you were not using it.

It never happened to me in a crafting station we use often.
Need more data from other players though and see if that makes sense.

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The instant craft glitch happens to me fairly frequently. It happens in workstations I use nearly every play session Eg large campfire.
But I can not determine what exactly triggers it.
I play on an official PvE server by the way.

I put it down to the game sometimes running the time-elapsed reconciliation of what the workstations should have produced if they were active when you left them with those items in them when we activate play instead of when we get within range of them.
That is: in most cases the game runs the scripts to determine how much should have been produced and spawns that in before we get to the station. But sometimes it hasn’t done that before we get there… we activate play with or without adding items … then the game runs the time-elapsed-crafting calculation script and we get “instant” conversion.
Very difficult to reproduce reliably to figure out how to fix.


@starbugpilo, you just described what happened to me yesterday, with one exception.

Smelter finished a load while I was in J5, went to play at the Pagoda in N5, returned after a few hours.
Swung by ma favorite iron farming spot and 250% encumbered, swam back to the smelter.
I loaded it fully, ironstone + 100 steefires + 200 oil.
When I hit the go button, instant craft. Oil was partially consumed, steelfire gone, left with iron and steel.

No server restarts, no logouts, but I had prayed to Set :wink:

This is not the first time, or machine, that happened.

The problem is, it’s so rare no one could track it down unless running something that records all code effects. Literally impossible to predict or narrow down.

Let’s agree Set was smiling on me?



Edit: online private server, a person’s PC. I am not an admin, but the server settings are fairly vanilla.


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