Fast cooking campfire

Playing on Official Xbox one X PVE N.A
Camp fire is bugged

Load Supplies into camp fire to cook, go to activate and get instant results on all supplies.
For example (included pic)
Placed Seeds, and plant Fibre to make gruel. Hit play and all supplied ingredients are used instant.
But… some have already spoiled.

This happened everyonce in awhile since I started playing years ago. But this last patch seems its happen all the time.

Expected Behavior: To be able to cook the amount that I desire. If I want 100 gruel for my Thrall I can turn it off when I get 100.

  1. Place proper ingredients into camp fire (small or large doesn’t matter)
  2. Pull left trigger to “play” and watch the magic happen.

Does anyone else have this issue? Has it been reported before?

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I do have this problem as well, I’m on Xbox Series X. I’ve never reported it because I’ve not been able to find the slightest apparent

It seems completely random and it’s not the same fire pit or even the same base. Sometimes not only does it auto cook and auto spoils and then automatically deletes much of the spoiled meat so I can’t even use it for rotgut or compost

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I forgot to add that it happens on all Camp fires.
On Siptah, Exile Lands, single player, officials, Xbox, and PS4.

This is an ancient… hmm… not-bug. While the results aren’t exactly intentional, they aren’t a bug either. This is a quirk of how the game handles crafting timers when stations aren’t loaded.

I’m sure Funcom has considered ways to fix it for ages and could never come up with a working solution, doing so would likely cause more problems (namely performance loss) than solving people occasionally having their stuff craft almost instantly.

Yes, the problem has always been around, but since the update it happens to me often more then not.

Server-side lag increases the chance of it happening, if there are a bunch more people playing because they are trying out the patch, it could lead to you seeing it more than usual.

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Even playing solo?

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