Crafting is a hot mess

Game mode: Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Exiled Lands
Hardware: 1X

Bug Description:

Campfire immediately turns fiber/seeds into stack of gruel (not a terrible glitch, but still).

Campfire immediately turns raw food into stacks of putrid meat. No bueno.

Materials go missing when put into crafting tables (just had a stack of 1000 iron disappear). No bueno.

This is all I’ve noticed in the few minutes I played before shutting it off because it’s annoying.

Expected Behavior:

Crafting to work as intended.

Steps to Reproduce:

Put things into crafting devices. Push play. Watch things immediately finish or materials disappear. What a gamble!

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I have this same problem.
Seems to happen all the time with the new update.

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Have you sent a message to Zendesk explaining what is happening? This is the not happening on Ps4

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Yeah been playing since the update, and have not come across this (yet) on the PS4, so this seems to be an Xbox issue. Unless of course if anyone out there knows any different.

Looks like they have some patches to do.

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It has happened to me in the past on PS4.
I dont play it enough on it because all my DLC is on Xbox. I’m just basic on the PS

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Buggy weirdness.

I’m like the opposite to you, I have CE on Xbox also, but only really play it on the PS, precisely for the same reason heh.

I’ve never experienced this bug on either system, yet this issue seems to pop up a lot, I don’t play Co-op very often though that could be part of it (I mostly play online on the official servers or just offline single player)
I just find it odd how others have this bug and others do not, like what are we doing differently? Weirdness.

This is always one of the biggest questions with bugs in my opinion. It obviously makes it hard for any bug fixers to reproduce. There is likely some commonality, but figuring out what that is may be a mighty task

I have gotten this bug intermittently on my series X. It’s not the same fire pit, or even the same base. It’s not all the time, and none of the tricks I’ve tried so far seem to stop it.

This is an example of a different bug that may help illustrate the gibbering madness that bugs can create.

A while ago there was a post about a player who could no longer throw javelins. The answer to the question turned out to be they couldn’t throw them because they had thralls in their inventory that had not yet been deployed

What trying to throw javelins and thralls in your inventory have too do with one another is anyone’s guess.

It sounds like utter nonsense, but the player was once again able to throw as soon as they had no thralls in their inventory

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