Instant Crafting

Game mode: Online private
**Type of issue:**Bug
**Server type: ** PvE-Conflict
Region: EU

When placing Gold ore into the oven (420-ish), together with the coin minting form, it instantly pushed the whole crafting process through and I’m left with a bar and a few coins.
I cannot reproduce it reliably. Happened only twice so far, one other time with a camp fire and fish.
Super frustrating…
How is this still a thing!

Yes it is a bug that happens every so often that we have various workshops instantly craft the raw material to end product. Usually for me it’s a cooking workshop or furnace that has this bug.

But you need to realise that the furnace will make gold bars from the gold ore -> gold coins when coin mold is in furnace -> gold bars from gold coins when sufficient gold coins -> gold coins from bars … until there is not enough gold coins to make one bar. So even without the instant craft bug you would still end up with the same result if you did not remove the coins as they are created.

Easy way to prevent this cycle of diminishing returns as you don’t know when the instant craft bug will occur is to:
a) remove coin mold when making gold ore into gold bars
B) put only one bar of gold in the furnace with the coin mold and remove the coins before adding another bar.

I got instant ‘crafting’ a few days ago on a wheel of pain, I put a named NPC on a medium WOP, hit the start button and was kicked out of the game with an overflow error message. I got back into the game immediately and the named NPC was broken already.

I already had that happen on:
Cookings stations, wheels, furnaces, tanners and dryers.
Seems to be due to the player having run away from the area for too long, so it got unloaded by the server? But I seriously dont know.
I usually get this after a serverrestart when the last thing I did at that place was turning a station on, then run away to some base and log out for the day.

Yes this is a long-standing bug, maybe-probably-possibly-potentially-who-the-f-knows to do with the “catch up” mechanism that simulates time spent while you’re away without actually running every crafting station in real time (a good idea for server performance reasons).

In most cases, it’s not a problem, because worst case it gets you a bunch of materials faster than you otherwise would have: on my server we call it “rolling a 20 on crafting” or variants thereof.

The problem comes when the same crafting station that turns raw material into product also turns product back into raw material at a reduced rate every “conversion” loop. Simple solution to THAT problem would be to move coin production from the Smelter/forge to the Blacksmith or (my choice) Artisan’s table. It’s been suggested quite a few times by me and others, but no-one seems to care. Mainly because it can be worked around fairly easily unless you’re ALSO affected by the insta-craft bug.

Simplest solution is to not bother with the coin mold at all, it’s not like coins are that useful and you probably find plenty in chests and other loot for the few cases where it IS useful (YMMV if you play modded obviously).

I know- but usually smelting the ore into bars takes a couple of seconds and then smelting those gold bars into coins takes time again.
The idea behind it is to drag the coins out in stacks of 20 whenever they are done- I was unable to because it instantly finished the loss-conversion.
Apparently I do need to put in the bars by the 4s or something…

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