Instant crafting in furnaces

Game mode: [Online |
Problem:| Bug |
Region: [EU]

I play on one of the official servers and have noticed a couple of times since the last patch that when I fill the furnace up with ironstone, chuck in some wood for fuel and then turn it on, sometimes the ironstone will instantly turn into bars. In my case I had 200 iron bars craft instantly with some ironstone left along with the wood.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have tried to reproduce this for obvious reasons to no avail. It seems to be just random to me, but has happened 3 times for differing amounts of material in 2 different locations.

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I had the same with gruel. instant craft. this is another bug, potential game braking if it can be reproduced.

This happens to me with the large campfire.

I put in 4 stacks of raw lobster today, and as soon as I clicked the start button, they were all cooked instantaneously. And even worse, I waited a few minutes, and they all started decaying as well. 200 lobsters cooked in 1 sec, then 5 minutes later, 200 lobster turned to spoiled food.