Instant Gold bars

Official pve-c
the last 3 times ive logged in since the patch to claim the gold from my rocknoses the gold has smelted instantly into bars in my improved furnace. Not game breaking just throwing it out there.

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A common bug where workstations do an instant craft of everything in them until the fuel is used up. If you had stacked it fully with stone or ironstone it would have instantly crafted them to bricks or iron (so long as it had fuel to use).
The game runs a script where it is meant to calculate how many materials each workstation has converted when no players have been close to them as a player gets within range of them … but it glitches (frequently) and this is when we get instant crafting.
Funcom is aware of the bug but say they can’t reliably reproduce it.


oh man i should log back in and stack stone hahaha. thanks i had no idea this was known. And if it works for everything then yeah its game breaking.

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