Bug as the new benches 1

Game mode: Online Official #1521
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: America

At Heat-Efficient Furnace when putting large amounts of resource in to be melted down, it bugs and half or more disappears. I put in 156 gold ore, hit the play button and then i had 30 gold bars instantly. Just now i put in 18 and hit play and i have 5 bars of gold instantly.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place anything higher than 10 gold ore in Heat-Efficient Furnace
  2. Hit Play

this is probably some kind of bug … u end up with so little cause the game insta uses all resources it needs to burn all u got in there… and for gold and silver this is not good… (as ore turns to bars , bars to coins and coins to bars again at different ratios… the real question is what u did to replicate the bug… cause if u got it, the knowledge to insta brick making is found!!! so if u get what the prolem is , let us know

I saw this previously with insta-gruel in the campfire. Not sure if this is the same bug or not.

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Irrelevant to the post, but I like your name, Not.

I used to be really indecisive, but now, I’m not so sure …



Yes it does insta make the bars. But the problem is it’s not always the correct amount. You lose a number of bars in the process that you should receive.

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Yes the reason is that ore turns into bars, and bars into coins (1bar=5 coins) and then coins into bars (if i remember correctly 30 coins make 1 bar). And that is the reason u loose something in the procedure… a sacrifice i would gladly take if all things were insta baked… That is why i ask what exactly u did and u triggered the bug… Cause we could get instant hardened steel, steel, star metal, bricks, hardened bricks etc . And tbh my furnace is more often used for bricks or steel than anything else…

I understand the conversions. What i’m saying is you lose more than you are supposed to. I put 156 goldstone in the bench. I got 30 bars instantly, based on the conversion rate i should have received 50 gold bars. So i lost 20 bars.

let me do the maths for u
u inserted 156 gold ore (every 3 makes 1 bar) so this resulted in 52 gold bars.(156/3) this procedure ended
and started melting bars (every bar makes 5 coins) , so this resulted in 260 coins. (52*5) this procedure ended
and started melting coins back to bars (every 30 coins make 1 bar) so this resulted in 8 bars (260/30) this procedure ended
and started recrafting the 8 bars into coins (each for 5 coins) so this resulted into 43 coins (8 aprox *5) . this procedure ended
and then the 43 coins re melted into the equal bars they could do… so 30 coins became 1 bar and u r left with 13 coins and 1 bar…guess what the last bar turned into… yup coins… so u ended up in 13 coins which was the step above and 7 more (if u do the exact maths as i have them u will see that u end up in 7,222 coins ) which means 13+7 = 20 and this is what u see… as all the above r calculated instanty…

that is why u end with 20 coins… the furnace will not stop untill the quantity of the bars or coins cannot be remelted… hope it helps u to understand

edit: i just re read the post… will try to duplicate as ur issue is not the recrafting thingie… but the conversion rate
(sry about the above! i brainfarted it seems)

edit: i just tried to melt gold ore and it melts normally
u reproduce the bug all the times? used coal and daya as smelter…

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