Coin production in the furnace ended my gold

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: #6305

I put 2k gold bars in the furnace to make coins and went to sleep, behold, when I wake up I have 11 gold coins. That’s how I found out that now 30 coins turn into 1 bar, and 1 bar turns into 5 coins, perfectly balanced where my gold ended up! ?? it went up in smoke as did my vote to play.

I still wonder why they took the coin making out of the molding stand !?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place gold bars in the furnace
  2. Wait for them to turn into coins
  3. Wait for the coins to turn bars in a smaller proportion and lose your resources

6406 official here, did the same thing logged our for abit queue up 1000 gold ore and had 1100 bars with the mold and all gone when i got back was using kilns. this has happened before with elederium too.

Thing is my buddy was running vaults and put some elderium in there and it appears to overwritten my gold queue anyway lost it but like 5 gold coins.

you can see my gold ore and bars picked and i placed them in the furnace and only the 5 coins and coal and 1 ore picked up when i picked up the whole thing thinking maybe it didn’t render or something. so i lost 1100 gold bars and all my goldstone ore

so im currently reprocessing my coins with 200 gold bars and i see some ghost ore being queued up to bars??

update i lost gold coins when i alt tabbed to write this?!!! furnaces are messed up will make a video

ok did some testing doesn’t matter what furnace you use new or prepatch does this with all of them

As I understand it, what’s happening is that the gold bars are being smelted into coins (1 bar = 5 coins). Then, because the furnace does both now, the gold coins are being smelted into bars (30 coins = 1 bar). Basically, unless you stand there and pull the coins out every time before they get to 30 (or only ever smelt max 5 bars at a time) the current system makes gold go byebye…


Thanks, yeah feelsbadman

Yes, you need to look at coin production. But in Conan, this is not viable, we need autonomy in the stands, we start to produce and than do something else. They need to fix this.

And they already have fixed it with the latest hotfix :slight_smile: Coins are now made in the Casting Bench again


Thank God !!! hahaha

used to be like that in early access
it is hilarious… gather up some gold or silver (easier at silvermine ) , give it to a clanmate and tell him to craft it overnight so u can buy x thing (does not matters what u come up to) … enjoy next day as they will try to convince u that all they got is that… :PPPP
bars used to turn back into coins and vice versa in old days!!! at their own rate each ofc!!! try it! will pay back the frustration u experienced!!!


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