New smelting furnace ate my gold

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I recently harvested 546 (ish) gold ore from volcano. I returned and put it in the new furnace (the slower one) with some other resources Iron ore, steelfire and black ice. I logged off a little while later after I looked to see that it was only about partly done (roughly 75 bar were showing. When I returned to the game I had only 10 gold coins.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Put 500+gold ore in fancy new efficiency furnace with other resources (iron ore, steefire, and black ice in my case)
  2. wait
  3. return to find only 10 gold coins
  4. not the outcome I wanted

Oh! and the other resources did get cooked down to eventually give me my hardened steel, just not the right amount of gold

Yep… for some reason funcom moved the gold recipe from the new casting table back to the furnace.

Basically what is happening is your gold is smelting into coins. Every time it makes 100 coins, it converts the coins into a gold bar. Then the gold bar smelts back into coins… continuing in an endless loop until you have no gold left. If you need to make coins, you’ll have to babysit them and pull them out as they make. If you need gold bars, take the coin mold out of the furnace.

yup, that worked. Thank you!

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