Silver Coins - Does This Happen To You?

Hi. So tonight we found some silver ore. We gathered it all and took it home. Placed it into a furnace with some coal and a single coin mold.

I watched as the furnace crafted the ore into bars, then the bars into coins as you’d expect. BUT, then it melted the coins back into bars, then back into coins, over and over.

OK, so I can see why it might do that, but there is a cost…

Each bar made 5 coins, but more coins were needed to make the bars, so when we returned to the furnace, our 100+ coins had been reduced to just 4 with 0 bars.

I didn’t see all of it happen, I’m waiting for the nodes to respawn to try this again.

Does anyone know why this happened this way?

Yes it happens I noticed it first time I melted the ore as well. It also happens with Gold from what I am told.

Why it happens this way? Well that is down to the same reason all the bugs exist in the game. Nobody is checking it.

Edit: just done a search on the Bugs forum and I didn’t see a report for it. You could be the first to report it.

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Honestly, I think it’s time the Devs did to the Furnace what they did to the Firebowl Cauldron…put the formulas on the right and let us choose what we want to do with it. That way, there’s not “incidents” like this. In fact, they should convert ALL crafting stations to this, so there’s consistency across the board. That would include the Fluid Press, Grinder, Compost bin, planters, Tannery and Campfire. In fact, add the campfire “recipes” to the stove, so once you hit stove and improved stove, you don’t need a campfire or large campfire anymore.


I had done a search too and couldn’t find anyone else talking about this.

I have just done it again. The problem would be made worse if I had put two mold’s into the furnace like when making glass balls.

I will link to a my video in the bugs section.

But here is where it goes wrong.

3 Ore make 1 Bar
1 Bar makes 5 coins
30! coins make 1 Bar
If you don’t remove your coins as they are made, then they are auto crafted back into Bars.

By the by, I just added my above suggestion to the suggestions area. If you want to see this happen, go there and agree.

BTW, @PitMonk

The need to use 2 glass molds when making jars has been resolved. You only need one now.

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gonna harp in on this silver bug. Put in a ton of silver ore, left while it melting into coins, came back to 5 coins. this should get fixed hopefully. hate having to babysit my forge, thats what my thrall is for

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I emphatically disagree. I think recipes should be removed from the cauldron as well as keeping them off the furnace. The element of discovery as well as individual player knowledge and the need to make real notes is far more compelling than having your hand held and being given a shopping list for everything in the game. The game has become RIDICULOUSLY easy for a survival game. Secret recipes and such make for more player interactions and provide a better experience overall.

Less coddling. More survival.

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I can’t even make Silver Coins I tried everything nothing works for making the silver coins. They should fixs it soon.

There is a way to do both. Add the buttons to choose what to craft but you need to unlock them by finding receipt, or maybe need to craft the stuff once by yourself with try and error. You want to do stealfire? You need to find that it’s tar with brimstone or find the receipt in game. Once you did it once, the button unlock and you can select it. Then put option for server to put the unlock all receipt from the get go, need to unlock them or never have them. Could also have buttons without what you need to do the stuff so you need to find but at least you know it’s from that crafting table you can do that particular receipt/craft.

Finally I am able to make silver coins.You need silver stone ore

It was just a whim that I checked the forums, glad I saw this.

Actually I like the idea of adding the buttons to everything AFTER you discover it, but if there is a fix I want to see done to the firebowl and stove it is that when you hit a button the damn thing actually starts. I can’t tell you how many times I have loaded up the firebowl and told it to make something then walked away only to come back later to nothing done, because it doesn’t start running the queue automatically like the furnace does.

If there is a queue and fuel is in the station start running the queue till the queue is empty or you are out of fuel.