Making coins in Furnance instead in Blacksmith's Bench

Currently only Glass Flasks are produced in Furnance with Glass Flask Mold. There is an item called Coin Mold which has no use and coins are forged at Blacksmith’s Bench. Please delete/hide Coin Mold from the game or allow to make coins in Furnance.

EDIT: Please make Bar Mold as a fix.

IT used to be we made them in the furnace. But there was a problem because of a loop that slowly lost you silver or gold.

3 ore = 1 bar. then 1 bar with mold = 5 coins. Problem was they made melting down coins. 30 coins = 1 bar. so if you did not watch it when you dropped say 200 ore in, instead of 330 coins, you would have 5 coins because of the loop. thus they moved coin making to blacksmith, without the mold.

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That explains the case. It was probably the fastest fix for developers, however second item called for example “Bar Mold” would solve the case. If you want to make Iron Bars, Steel Bars, Silver Bars or Gold Bars you need special Bar Mold.


If you wanted to fix it the simplest way, just make the game create coins instead of bars if the coin mold was in the furnace. If you wanted bars instead, just remove the coin mold.


But what if you want at once convert Silver Bars to Silver Coins and Gold Coins to Gold Bars?

It would just cause the same infinite loop as before.

You are right.

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