Gold and Silver Coin Minting

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[Describe the bug here]When placing the coin mold and gold and silver bars onto the blacksmith table and selecting either gold or silver in the recipe menu, only one coin is able to be minted at a time.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Do you mean, when you place the coin mold and the gold or silver bars into the furnace, only 1 coin is produced? If so, is that per bar?

No. Sorry for the delay in replying. my only option for quantity to be produced at the blacksmith bench is one coin. So, as a result if I want more coins, then I have to keep pressing the one item selection. The correct percentage of the bar used is correct.

You probably need one mold for each coin you queue, even though the mold isn’t consumed.

Nutz, I still got that wrong. The bench produces 5 gold coins per bar, but I have to keep pressing the single item button to make more.

Well, that’s silly. That is the way it used to be making glass flasks.

That worked. I do thank you for that. But, I think it should work the same way as glass flask production works now. One mold.

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Well, that worked to a certain point, I should say. I make 15 molds and was able to produce 15 units at a time, then had to press all again to produce another 15 units. That ain’t right!

If I press the space bar enough times I can fill the queue and they will all be produced.

I agree. lol It doesn’t make any sense to do it this way.

isnt it that bug wich dont let u craft all, and craft 10?

i have similar problem, u pres craft 1, or 10 if u can and than craft all

otherwise idk, maybe its different problem

Nope, the only option was to craft 1, but by my adding 15 molds, I could craft 15. Then I would have to press 15 again to craft another 15…Definitely a bug.

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