Gold and Silver Bars to Coins and back again

Game mode: [Online | Official PVP ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [US]

[Conversion of gold bars in the furnace to gold coins starts a loop if left unattended depleting the gold to only 25 gold coins at the end ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Put 25 gold bars in the furnace with coin mold
2.if you watch it should yield 125 gold coins, and it will.
3.but if you don’t stop the furnace it will automatically queue a bar, the process will make those same coins into 3 bars, with 10 coins left over.
4. It seems that the conversion rate from bar to coin is 1 bar = 5 coins, but the reverse from coin to bar is 30 coins =1 bar. I don’t know if this is intentional but if it is then the furnace needs to automatically stop after the coins are made, and not immediately queue the just made coins back to bars and in the process consume most of the gold or silver. I learned the hard way with 100 gold bars.

Are gold coins good for anything? What’s the point in making them?

grind them in to powder for makeing alchemical base

Put the bars directly in the grinder, instead of turning the bars into coins then into powder. This will prevent the issue in the original post, and save you a step.

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You get more dust by makeing coins from bars than just tossing a bar in the grinder

Not true, you get the same. You get 10 powder, for every gold or silver bar.

One gold bar makes 30 coins one coin is one dust = 30 dust.
One bar = 10 dust.

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Thanks, I’ll test this later.

I’ll definitely look into this, since gamepedia shows you get 5 coins, per bar. There’'s big difference between 5 coins and 30 coins.

I got only 5 coins from smelting 1 bar, so making coins is useless.

So, after testing this is what I get………….

  1. 3 goldstones = 1 gold bar = 10 gold dust

  2. 3 goldstones = 1 gold bar = 5 coins = 10 gold dust.

So the result is the same, without the extra step of making coins.

i pull my bars in the grinder, it’s quicker, and gold is easy to get anyway.

If you’re using the coins for rp-purpose is fine, otherwise i don’t get all the trouble making coins.

The point of the post is not to discuss the point of making coins. The point is that the process in the furnace on its own reduces the total yield when not watched and allowed to complete on its own. I called out the bug with the furnace, and asked if that was the intent. I don’t see the reason for the difference in ratio of 1 bar = 5 coins, and 30 coins = 1 bar. The point of making the coins is irrelevant.

I agree, this isn’t intended for sure !
A sloop in the coin production shouldn’t happen.
The fun fact, i tried to reproduce this, and it wasn’t doing it for me. Coins stayed in my furnace some time, while an other day, they didn’t, what make it even worse to trake down the bug.

Also there are actually worse bugs going on, disaspearing thralls, nearly impossible placeable palisades, not working fish-traps while oil is now needed for insulated wood elements, and so on. That’s maybe why i don’t care much about the gold coins i don’t realy need right now.