Camping of Thrall camps by player thralls

Hello Alls!

First off: Great, love the patch.
Secondly: Players place their npcs close to npc camps and make it impossible to get these as thralls.
Is there any fix to this? Other players disturb the game flow for me here.

Thanks for answering. Did you encounter something similar?

Yes, I noticed that too. I assume they wanted to rescue a caged thrall and left their other thrall there to pick up later, since they cannot carry both at the same time. The problem is that sometimes the camped thrall would agro the mobs you are trying to knock out and kill them. A solution would be to change how you rescue thralls; i.e. having them pop in your inventory instead of auto-following you.


Hmm what about silent legion heavy?

Yes, Funcom should work to provide a much more robust ‘thrall rescue system’. We love rescuing thralls like Conan did, but the Tier 0 cage and auto-attached thrall system needs more work.

please do something about it, i cant get any thralls from many camps on my server. 6008

If you rescue them while having a thrall yourself, they will indeed display “returning home”, but they don’t return to your home. Instead, they hang around near where their cage was, and will switch status to “guarding” or “scouting”. And they will attack mobs.

Yes, the ‘rescue thrall’ system needs more features to be what it really needs to be. It would be a great addition to the game for players to be the ‘anti-slaver’ that Conan was.

I think it is because the thrall is so low level, they just leave it. I know i do, but when i get a chance i break bond from Ui so it doesn’t screw up the area for others, and even my self when i return to knock around some heads.

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