Can anyone help with a custom UI?

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can reccomend a custom UI and where to download it and how to install it?!?

It’s a LONG time since I played and I can’t remember the one I used etc.


Ikos ui is a good one its support is discontinued but most UI’s these days are. Lots of customizations. you can download it from the link below

Its a dropbox link but you don’t need to log in or register. when it asks you to sign in just click the button at the bottom that says “No thanks” and the download button will be in the upper right hand corner of the page.

you’ll need the aoc ui installer to install it.Just keep it in its zip format and use it with the installer

You can also find Strange UI, an other pretty popular UI, from the thread bellow:

Good Luck!

I am struggling to get aoc ui installer to install on my windows 10 without .net framework is it possible to install the ui without the installer?

Sorry to be a pain…default ui is just awful.

It should automatically install .net framework during the install process. You can install it without the installer but you will be unable to set custom options and there are many different configurations. I highly recommend you use the installer and let it install .net framework.

I’ve gone through the process of downloading and installing it from microsoft but each time I try to install the ui installer it asks me to install .net again…so I don’t have much choice at this point but to do manual install…which is a shame as I always liked the installer.

there are different versions of .net framework. you may not have the right one for the installer so you should let it do its thing.

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