Can craft everything except weapons and armour

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Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type:
Gameplay Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Joephonix1973

Bug Description: Can craft everything except weapons and armour

Bug Reproduction: Started a new game after 3.0 update we

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Was Crafting armor on Garrison Beach a few hours ago. Are items not showing up in bench or just not letting you to build? Is all items checked in bench? @Joephonix

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Can not think of anything in sever settings that would cause the problem.

I have all the knowledge and skills to craft everything that we can craft, i have all my ingredients in the armorers bench, when i click on the armour i wish to craft it doesn’t show up in the qued section and no ingredients removed

It must be a glitch with the game or something

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I can jump on our private server and check

Didn’t mean to delete my post. Made several Lemararian weapons in garrison bench went through in-game settings saw nothing that could cause a problem suggestion turn your server off and on. @Joephonix .Good luck let us know what happens.

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Ok will do

Ok so stopping the server and then starting it 5 min later did nothing still can not make armour

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Can anyone else on your server craft armor? @stelagel my friend any suggestions? Have Crafted on 3504 and WYRM’S BANE. @Community any help here or suggestions?

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Do not know as my friends haven’t been on for awhile

Try going into off line game admin your self to level 60 and what ever you need might discover if it’s in your server settings or not have not seen this problem.

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Check your filters. L3 and R3 have filters. If your filters are on a dlc you don’t own then you cannot see your crafting menu correctly. Upload a photo of what you see when you interact your benches so I can help more.

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I have all the dlc

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Can you send photo please?
You may not have the atlantean from the begining of the game.


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