Can FUNCOM community ban players for killing other players on PVE-C?

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That’s bait. They actually managed to get a guy kicked out like this on the server I’m playing.

Also: very interesting topic.

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Why? If you want to spar in an arena, why not go to a PVE server, build an arena, plop down a Battle Standard, and have an awesome time?

Okay, but why? Why is it griefing or harassment to attack someone unprovoked on a PVE-C server?

I’ve seen my share of griefers and harassers on PVE-C over my 3k+ hours in the game, and the problem with them was never the fact that they attacked unprovoked. The problems would come later, when they called people names in global chat for running away, or when they spammed sandstone over resources, or bricked up dungeons and passages, or walled in other people’s bases.

Those were usually people from PVP servers with PVP mentality, who couldn’t cut it on PVP servers, so they came to harass PVE-C players.

But if you just attack people who cross your path – especially if it’s in an NPC camp or a resource-rich area – there’s no reason to think it’s harassment. You can see it as competing for resources. Granted, resources are ridiculously easy to get, but PVE-C is supposed to have “conflict”. If you just want sparring, we have Battle Standards for that now.

Joined PvE-C exactly to fight. Not to craft jars or destroy bases 24/7.
Now you will be telling me what for I joined PvE-C server? Really? :slight_smile:

Thanks for tip, halk. I will have that in mind next time.

Nah, i’m also a peaceful player who prefers PvE-C servers, as PvE only servers bore me and PvP server are too competitive, i like the middle ground
PvE-C is meant to have PvP without the risk of somebody blowing up you base while you sleep. PvP is by no means an infraction to server rules, it’s actually encouraged, but players read only PvE and forget about the C.
I said it once, PvE-C servers should be renamed Players vs. Player - Casual (PvP-C), because if you really want to have just a relaxing time with you building pieces and capturing thralls you should go to PvE only servers, There you can craft and place PvP banners for duels in arenas without the risk of losing anything.
PvE-C servers are meant to have the danger sensation that somebody could show up just to kill you anytime in pvp hours, which in my opinion should be 24/7.
Now, if this guy is not letting other players play for whatever reason, that person is just an ■■■■■■■, that doesn’t mean he deserves a Ban, it just means the whole server will take action against him at some point, and i don’t know about you but having the whole server against me is kind off punishing from my point of view.

No it’s not possible, but if you keep harassing people who can’t defend themselves and get into their play of insulting each other they may have some material to take action against you, so i suggest to keep to yourself whatever you want to say to them.


That term “harassing”, is very UNCLEAR :slight_smile:
For example I ambush farming player cause he/she farms at PvP-time, does it means I’m “harassing” him/her?
Ambushing full clan of 3-5 ppl of 30-40lvl being myself at lvl60 means “harassing” them or not!?
If players can’t defend themselves (even then they greatly outnumber me) and still play on PvE-C server means they become UNTOUCHABLE or what!? :slight_smile:

On official servers, according to the official rules, “harassment” does not include killing other players.

However, like @Cyryus said, if you insult them in chat or use the building system against them, they might try to report you for harassment and griefing. Whether that report will result in a ban or not is up to the Funcom staff.

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Tnx for explanation.
I’m not using building system against anyone for sure, just killing uncareful dudes.
As a result they hate me and threaten to report me to Funcom community for griefing or whatever. Also encouraging other players to do the same so it would look like a petition for banning me from 1213… These people :expressionless:

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I guess the main issue is do you kill the same people every day at the same time? If you just kill people whenever you see them I don’t see an issue but if you learn their routines and are actively FARMING players instead of fighting players that seems a little different. My suggestion would be stop talking to them in chat and if you do kill them at the same time in the same place every day maybe try backing it down to once a week. Remember that even if you haven’t broken any rules you might be ruining their fun. Try thinking about the situation from their perspective and give them a little bit of a break weather they deserve it or not. Remember that your right to enjoy yourself doesn’t overrule theirs and try to resolve the issues peacefully. They seem upset but so do you. This whole thing just sounds like a misunderstanding that can be resolved by both sides making an effort to coexist.


I din’t meant to imply that you are actually harassing people, because i don’t know, but i can explain to you my point of view.

If i was one of the players you killed, and you already looted my corpse with all my items and even skinned my body i take it as a loss, gg.

If you keep killing me afterwards, just because is pvp time and you can do it, i would consider you an ■■■■■■■, but i understand, some people play like that, GG.

Now lets say you camp outside my base to keep killing me, just because it’s PvP time, i would consider that a kind of harassment, because you are not letting me play or defend myself, at this point is obvious that you won. It’s not against the server rules, but don’t you agree that you have to be kind off an ■■■ to not let a defenseless player play? i don’t mean to say you are one, it’s an hypothetical situation :^)

You are by all means in all your right to PvP with whoever you want, but keep in mind that sometimes PvP doesn’t mean KoS everything you can see :^)


Well, I don’t kill them every day, especially same players, as they learn how to avoid contacts. The map is big and it’s not easy to hunt someone - it means to be in the same place at the same time to see and kill (view distance for objects, bots or players in this game is really short).
Also it’s not possible to “learn their routes”, I mean, who knows what they plan to next? I can’t read their thoughts… I think it’s fairplay, cause it’s really hard, and I mean really HARD to hunt someone if he knows he is being hunted. Dunno why I like this, but this the only fun thing in this game for me.
Also I must add, that scheduled duels/fights doesn’t work with them (other players), as they not agree to duel me, or try to cheat me coming 3v1 at agreed 1v1 duel.

And don’t blame me for this, people playing games to WIN, and it’s no-fun to win killing mindless bots or completing mindless AI tasks. That’s why multiplayer games dominate game market today.

I can’t think of anything more mind-numbingly dull than camping at someone’s base. Plus, there are so many ways to deal with someone who’s camping at your base. Honestly, it might even be fun to have someone try that and turn the tables on them :smiley:


What is PvE-C? how is it different than a pvp server? From what I’ve read, is it a pve server with a pvp time window?

Yes, it’s a PVE server with a PVP time window. During the PVP hours, you can:

  • damage and kill other players
  • loot the bodies of logged out players, if you can access them
  • command your followers to attack other players

During the PVP hours, you cannot:

  • loot other players’ containers (e.g. crafting stations, chests, followers inventory, etc.)
  • damage and destroy other players’ buildings and placeables (unless they’re decayed)

Ahh ok, thanks for the explanation!

We have been dealing with the same griefer for 2 years, he is like a thorn in the side and no matter how many times you wipe him he keeps returning every day!

We once camped his bed spawn for 5 hours waiting for PvP time after climbing into his hidden base.
We done this cause every day he would pack up his base 1hr before PvP time started and go and stash everything in the abyss then come and drop bombs as soon as we were offline.

What do you mean?

On a PVE-C server?!

Your probably a ganker, hitting dreaming farmers picking theyr stone, following them inside, waiting by the obelisk. Lowest of the lowest scum on Conan.

You like fighting, yet I bet you gank, or is it arena type PVP?

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No. As we already specified via DM, you have received a suspension for harassment and toxicity.
Please review our rules: