Can I put animal pens on the ground?

Hi everyone! Is it just me or you can’t place animal pens on the bare ground? I’m trying to avoid having to build a gazillion foundations, given the size of the pens. I seem to be having the same issue with the map room. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be lime this?

You sure can if you find a flat enough place for them. You will however want to make sure that they are close enough to the rest of your base so that they don’t decay too quickly.


Remember to employ the shift button (PC) while placing so you can adjust the height. It helps a ton. (It’s blatantly stated on screen but I didn’t notice it for a long time) =)

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They can be placed on the ground though they are rather picky you need to find mostly flat ground to place them on and there are several places that are a good fit for that. Similar to the summoning place in the middle of the desert that ground is all flat and makes a great building area!
Hope this helped.

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Every time I place the pen anywhere other than on foundations the things blow up and vanish.

Use a repair hammer to check the decay timer. It’s possible to place them on ground and still have a decent decay timer if they are sufficiently close to the rest of the base.

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