Can no longer cinch walls up against vault after patch

It would appear that after the patch, it seems that it is no longer possible to cinch up doors close to vaults.

If you do not follow what I mean, I will provide some examples. Due to the size and irregular hitbox of a vault, many often find the need to put walls around or adjacent to the vault. It used to be that you could do this with door frames (they were a little more forgiving with respect to collisions), and then swap/replace to a full wall.

It seems that this feature has been removed with the patch. I recently built my base, and was able to setup these adjacent walls at all intervals around the vault. In this example, you will even see that I’ve done so.

Example of walls cinched up close to a vault:

But now - this is no longer possible.

Example of door frame not snapping where it previously did:

For the sake of reporting - this is on Official PVP Server #1530. Vanilla, no mods. I was able to build this way prior to the patch. I can no longer place these door frames since the patch.

@AndyB and Funcom - Can you please tell us why this functionality was removed? And why this wasn’t detailed in the patch notes?


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