Snaping Bug on Official server

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

Hello. I have a problem with this bug. When I looked redit, steam discussion and similar forums, I found that this is really an old problem. I really do not really know what to do right now because I’ve invested a lot of material in the base and I can not build a wall from one side of my base. Any advice? Please fix

this bug

If you have decorations on the other side of that wall, it might be causing it.

Alternatively, a workaround is switching to another building piece, and then going back for the wall piece. Usually works.

No decorations. Base is just being builded, i try to destroy everything but problem is still there.

I find the building snapping to be bugged as hell now.
Placing big stuff like map room, trebuchet, wheel of pain are challenging.

Also sometimes the red X shows up like you, for absolutely no valid reason.
If there is a door on a frame, you can’t add foundation in front of it. You need to remove the door first.

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