Can not place or craft sorcery items

I’m playing on Xbox one and I bought the head hunter set and nemedian guard dog set yesterday and now I can not build sorcery items on my crafting bench or place sorcery things with my construction hammer. Some times when I switch to build something non sorcery afterwards I can not build anything and it says I don’t have the building materials even though I do and it shows the building materials in green. It will eventually let me build non sorcery items after I back out of the menus a few times but I still can not craft or make anything sorcery related it seems. Also if I try to look at the handstand and Viking horn emote pack my game will crash every time.

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Hello @Baretoesroo,

Please submit your bug report with the provided template so we may assist you.

Once you start a new post you will be met with the template, please fill in all the information requested before posting as this will make the process a lot quicker for everyone!

Thanks in advance :smile: