Crafting Bug - Stuck in placement mode for buildables

Once you craft a building a piece and place it you are still stuck with the non-existent item (since you placed it already) out floating around until you select and deselect another building piece, hitting escape or selecting a weapon does not stop it. While this is occurring you cannot attack or gather until you have cleared it off.

This started to happen to me over the weekend on the live instance too. I play on Xbox official server 2731, so whatever the issue it’s not localized to test.

Yes this has been reported many times. Easiest fix (if you don’t have another peaceable on hand) is to quickly climb something, that also clears the fake preview.

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Hey there,

This is a known issue, as we wrote in the patch-notes:

Currently Known Issues

First selecting “Female” at character creation and then slecting “Head Options”, “Face Details” or “Finalize Character” might move the camera past the player avatar, making it impossible to see your character
Selecting “Male” at character creation might render your avatar invisible when browsing the “Face”, “Hair” and “Facial Hair” options.
The new special health-bars have a lower vertical offset than intended.
VoIP from other players can sound distorted unless you set your Voice chat and/or master volume to 80% or less
After putting down a placeable, the item persists. Current workaround is to climb to remove this. It will be fixed

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: