[Bug] Failed to Place Building

Game mode: Single Player
Problem: Bug

I’ve noticed when trying to build my base that I get this issue pretty frequently. I’ll be placing parts on my wall, and when I go to place one that has no issue prior to placing, when I hit the button to place it down, it says “Failed to Place Building”.

This occurs seemingly at random. I’ve seen it suggested that It could be a result of your character standing there prior to trying to build, and while my character was moving along the wall as I added pieces, I can’t confirm if that’s the issue or not.

Update: Valid Workaround - Have the construction piece you want to place and a second random construction piece on your action bar. If the piece you want to place encounters the bug, switch to the random piece, then switch back to the piece you want to place.

This happens to me at times. the work around I have found is to delete a piece like the one you are trying to place and it will let you then place it…it can be frustrating when running low on resources though.

Best advice I’ve seen on this is someone noted that this will happen after the game in some way determines that space is blocked. The way to clear it is to cancel building with the foundation, select some other item in the hot bar and then select the foundation again. This clears out the game remembering that the spot was blocked and it should then place.

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Is this another building item, or any non-consumable item?

My experience matches wildbill; if you select as if to place another building item (say a foundation when it is failing to place a wall) and switch back it usually lets you place it…

Can confirm, that is a valid workaround.

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Hey there @Niliu, thank you for reaching out!

Our team is already aware of the issue and is looking into it.

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