Can Someone Please Update Me On Old Uniforms?

So, I’m sure this has been asked about or covered before, but has there been any discussion recently from Moderators (or anyone for that matter), about updating uniforms/outfits in this game?

I used to play pretty heavily back in 2015 and one of my favorite activities was to complete decks and unlock new outfits. I have recently returned to the game after a long (okay, really long) hiatus and have noticed that many outfits have missing components are simply aren’t there at all.

After a little bit of searching I found some Reddit threads from 2017 stating that Developers were aware of the missing outfits and uniforms and were “working on it”. That was four years ago.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this game was the immersion. And to me, my character “looking the part” was integral to that immersion experience. But if there have been no updates since 2017, that makes me feel as though the Developers don’t really care about the player base and I don’t really want to return to a game with apathetic Developers who are doing nothing to improve the game.

So I’m really hoping that some of you guys (and gals) can possibly accurately inform me as to whether or not any improvements are on the horizon. Otherwise, I’d rather not waste my time being disappointed.

Thanks ahead of time to those of you who have read my rambling post and choose to reply (I’m hoping for good news).

If what you want isn’t in the game now, I wouldn’t count on it.