Can we add another 10 to 20% of will scroll out

Badly need to add another 10 to 20% of will scroll out I hate playing so zoomed in. This would greatly improve the overall seal of the game and less squirreling around the map. Just a little bit more

Hello @BrokenFang, do you mean the possibility to zoom out slightly further with the camera?

Oh thank you for replying back to my post. I’m usually Super Active on the funcom Conan Exile page. I probably have something like 500 post on misc forum. So it took me a second to remember that I posted a comment. I really am a fan of the RTS genre, and put probably thousands of hours into RTS games over the last 20 years.

Yeah it’s a little too tight, it just needs a little bit more scroll wheel. Camera zoom out just another 10%, I don’t know what it’s currently set at but it’s still super low.

1, Are there any plans for an HD texture update? Or any more Heroes?

We’ll be sure to register your suggestion!

Regarding future plans, unfortunately we don’t have any information to disclose at this time.

thank you awesome