Can we have more no ping servers or having ping limit to 200?

i live in south america, i speak spanish like 90 % of the countries in latin america, but your servers are brazilian.
these guys dont know english neither spanish, so its impossible to communicate.
in any game i play american servers, i dont have ping. In ark i have 80 ping all the time in american servers.
but this browser says i have 160, which isnt much either.

ive only seen 2 no ping servers, so if you have friends from another continent or something you cant play with them cause those 2 servers are full.

so having 200 ping limit, more no ping limit servers, or some kind of south american server that states spanish language or maybe servers in another country that isnt brazil would be great for everyone.

ive even read people from US that are from the west coast who cant play with friends on east coast because of this ping limit, so yeah 140 is too low imo. If chinese hackers are the problem, theres no way they can get 200 ping on america.

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