Can you place thralls in cages?

So Thralls. I don’t seem to have a solution for this. I want to put thralls in cages but it seems like there are no interactable options for me to put thralls inside the cage. Is there something I am missing out or is it just not possible?

Oh, and can you customize work thralls? It seems they just stand in front of their job and do nothing plus I don’t see a way to change their clothes either. EX) I want to be able to give my cook a chef looking tunic but there are no options that I know of. Again, if I am missing out on something, please let me know! Thanks!


Cages, aside from the Kennel cage from the Bazaar, are purely decorative.

However, it is still possible to put followers in them with a little effort. First you have to order the follower to guard at the location you wish to cage them, then tell them to follow you and walk them far enough away that you can place down the cage over their guarding location, then tell them to stop following you so they enter the scouting state. Once they return home, they will be stuck inside the cage.


I did similar things but with rocks, so nothing could hurt them, and they were able to shoot arrows and damage purge enemies, but they were invincible basically (only thing that could damage them is gas cloud).

Smacked a rock, put a slave in that place to guard, ordered it to follow me, wandered far away to do my stuff, and when returned home, the rock respawned. I said to my slave to stop following me, and after 15 minutes, they started to return home, aka. the last place I put them on guard. Bumm, a rock hard defender!


Game is old and some systems are as they were 5 years go. Thralls workers are still in early access. :))


As far as caging thralls Tephra nailed that down, but your thralls at stations should be animating. Smiths hammer, carpenters saw, most look like they are up to something. Now if you mean guards and archers you have the option to set them to an animation.

Now I’m not much of one for RPing, but I do love to stage scenes, named archers challenging each other on the range, fighter learning this chess thing, leveled companions being told a story ect.

Oh ya, there are a couple of mods that you could use to change station thrall clothes. Ya I like my thralls to either dress the part or wear uniforms. The private server I’m on has fashionesta{?} that does; but I haven’t used it yet. Think the other I used was emberlight, but it adds a ton more then that to your game; more then any DLC ever did.

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so the worker thralls should have animations? hmm wonder where I messed that up :frowning: but thanks for the reply!

Thralls need love so the game feels more alive. They could interact, walk around, use random stuff, etc.

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