Cannot-capture-thralls needs to be fixed

Game mode Singleplayer]
Problem: cannot-capture-thralls
I’m sick and tired of the game community treating console players as a cash cow yawl take my money and deliver us broken garbage when can we expect this to be fixed or are you like every one else (Bethesda and funpimps) and we can just suck it maybe you will fix it maybe you wont we have your money so we don’t care we don’t care
all we want is the game we paid for nothing more nothing less
Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1 play single player

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Funpimps doesn’t have the rights to their xBox version of seven days to die, if that’s what you meant by including them. Publishing rights is in the hands of Telltale, whom no longer exists at the moment.

wat I meant by that was their total disregard for the console player I tried to get a up date on when we could expect a resolution to the issue and I got a very surly form letter that basically told me thank you for your money but console players are not a priority their bad decisions on their rites to the game is further proof of the total disregard for console players if they cared abought us they would have protected their rites better but they just wanted our money

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Well, no. Fun Pimps did not have a way to publish games on the xBox by themselves. They would of had to buy the right from Microsoft, which they did not have money to do. Telltale already had a way in, and was a middle man publisher for their console version. Which is perfectly acceptable and fine. It’s Telltale’s fault for not releasing the console publishing rights back to Fun Pimps after they went bankrupt. And seeing as they don’t have the publishing rights, they cannot update the console version.

well I’m not going to argue the finer points and end this discussion with this if Chevrolet makes a defective car Chevrolet pays to fix it not the car dealer the buck stops with the maker

Hey there,

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues while playing Conan Exiles. We’re aware of this particular problem you’re mentioning, as it was recently reported by some of our players:

If there’s any additional issues you would like to report, please take a look at this thread we recently posted:

We’re not ignoring our console community, and we’re actively gathering feedback from all of you daily. We’ll bring a plethora of new fixes and additions in upcoming patches, including performance, Purge and building optimizations. Until then, we appreciate your patience and feedback while we try to make Conan Exiles the best it can be.

We’ll proceed to close this thread as there is a similar one posted recently (mentioned above). Please feel free to continue the discussion about this issue in that thread or to open a new one to report a new bug.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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