! Cannot collect loot from filthy mass in ground zero

I cannot progress anymore in the game because I cannot collect loot from this mob, from an early quest in ground zero. A light appears then dissappears. Pressing “F” does nothing. Also the whole team is gone (don’t know if it’s supposed to). Retried twice with no luck. I cannot advance or dismiss the quest.

I’ve found another bug report, but I cannot reopen it: /ground-zero-bug/22503

It was closed as solved but clearly it is not (he just tried with another computer).

Think i have heard something like this before. If i recall right, then a RDB repair should fix this. Worst case a reinstall, but start with the repair. Unless i am mixing it up with something else entirely, you are missing the graphics of the loot bag, which makes it impossible to pick up.

Repairing game data might help if the issue is that you’re missing a game file. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much if it’s a corrupted file, and what you describe makes me think this could be the case. We can try to do some troubleshooting for you if you contact us through help.funcom.com/.

wait, does that mean all the repairs I ran to get female cultists utter female grunts instead of male grunts and make Phoenician agents sound like normal persons instead of filth beasts were doomed from the start ?
If so, how are we supposed to fix game files ? Shall we delete them, download them all again and hope the patcher doesn’t screw up later ?