Can't loot from enemy in tutorial, so I can't move on.?

I am trying to continue through the tutorial but, for some reason when I killed the Filthy Mass, it didn’t drop any loot. I’m supposed to pick it up but, it just doesn’t drop anything. I’ve even tried to restart from the checkpoint & yet again, no loot. I can’t move on. I’ve played this before & had to issue with this until now. I just don’t know how to resolve this problem. Can anyone help me, please ??

Uhhh, are you sure you have the correct section ? I do not know of any Conan Exiles tutorial.



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Moved from Conan Exiles to Secret World Legends

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That and I can’t think of any enemy in Conan Exiles named a “Filthy Mass”.

The only thing that even comes close to a tutorial are the journey steps, and the Abysmal Remnant is the only enemy that could possibly be considered a Filthy Mass…

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