Cannot Create Age of Conan account

I just downloaded Age of Conan today, thought I’d try it out. While waiting for the compulsory patches and whatnot to download (why would enyone EVER think to update a single install file to include the latest updates, amiright?) I thought I’d create an account for the game. So I clicked Create Account, entered my email, username and password and… Email address is not valid. So i thought, as anyone would, “maybe I’ve had this downloaded before” and instead went to click on the “find my account”-thingy… Done, and a few seconds later an email reply comes: No account bound to that E-mail adress…

The REAL kicker is that the e-mail adress I tried creating an Age o Conan account with is the exact same adress that I use to log in here. So what the actual EFF gives with the “not valid” (34&, huh???

Not sure but i think there are some restrictions on what characters you can use in an e-mail adress for accounts.

Had the same issue.
I created an count for my son using the old account page.
I think it is this one :

Sometimes it takes an hour to a day for the account to be active in game after it’s been created.

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