"Cannot emote in your current state"

Can’t use weapon emotes, ever. Was able to use them once (sword training I think) and after that, no matter what weapon or which emote I try to use, I’m faced with the “cannot emote in your current state” message. It just won’t work. I thought maybe because I was over encumbered, but no that wasnt it. Please help


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Today, after unlocking the Shield Bash emote, I discovered all my weapon emotes give the “Cannot emote in your current state” error. Other emotes work fine. I’ve changed weapons to different versions, rebooted the game, etc., but even though the expected weapon emote icons appear for each of the given emote versions when I equip the necessary weapon, this error occurs every time I try to use any of the weapon emotes.

I’m on Xbox series x

Im having the same exact issue.


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