Sword training emote not found post unlock

Official server 2880
Xbox series x
I just unlocked level 3 on battle pass and got the sword training emote but i cannot find it in any emote menu so it appears it didnt work properly.

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Press de emote button while handling the sword


Thanks I pulled out sword, saw emote, selected it and now it said “cannot emote in your current state”. :frowning:

Now we’re facing the same issue… I’m experiencing the same thing in my game. I play on PC.

Greetings Exiles,

Have you tried to equip a one hand sword and then try to use the emote on the emote wheel?

If so and you’re still finding the same issue, please send us a screenshot so we can forward it to the development team.

Hope you’re able to use the emote and keep conquering the lands! :slight_smile:

Same issue here, getting the “cannot perform in current state” message

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I am having the problem when I equip a 1h sword and then the emote button, and click sword training. it just keeps telling “cannot emote in your current state”

so i removed my bracelet, and now the emote is working. have to die to use this emote :frowning:


My clanmate @Marylambs had the same issue on PlayStation. I could do it just fine. Oddly enough, she couldn’t see me doing the emote on her screen either.

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Today it started working

And now it isnt working again. :frowning:

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Lol unlocked the new weapon twirl emote from battlepass today, and it also giving same error message now

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It seems to only work with certain swords. I tried using the new Stygian Commander Khopesh, and it doesn’t even appear on the emote wheel, but works with a Longsword.

*Edit: After some quick testing, it seems to work with every sword except the Stygian Commander Khopesh

Still wont work for me

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