Cannot get close to a quest target (crate)


I don’t understand what’s going on. I need to open a crate (quest item) and it seems there is an invisible wall. I cannot get close, something is pushing me some meters away, no damage taken.

What’s wrong?

The quest is Old Gods, New Tricks. I’m level 42 and the quest level is lower than that. I’m not even sure this could be related to the quest…

Could you help me?


My guess : either you’re at the wrong crate for the step or you need to turn on the tracker.

Its a mechanic of the mission. Each crate has their own “ability”. I am guessing you are at the first crate? There is a rock near the crate, jumping between it and the crate usually works for me. Once you get close enough, the crate will stop pushing you

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Definitely positioning to open. I just did this mission and it works, but you do have to be in the right place to interact.

Thanks, I see how it works now! Quest finished :slight_smile: