Big bug in contract killers

Im unable to advance in the STORY quest contract killers. After getting to the cutscene of the dying guy in the car where you have to inspect his body, the quest goes blank showing tier 2/3 but no description on what to do at this step. I cant interact with the keycard on the ground making me unable to exit the parking lot.
I tried reloging, teleporting, doing this quest with someone else that can pick up the card and advance to the end of the quest, pausing the quest and waiting days before retaking it, taking another quest and finishing it, sending a petition to contact with a gm online to solve it. Everything… and the quest is still bugged… i dont know what else to do.

I think there are two objects you interact with, the Card and I wanna say the sword in the Dead guy? Can you do the other interaction?

Blank mission goals are I think when the mission gets seriously stuck…like on code side and only a GM can fix that.

Yes, but i cant seem to be able to contact with a GM… I tried with /petition but it was days ago and still no reply… Is there any other way to contact with them?

Quest is still bugged. Bumping

Can I come with you and see?

Sure, no problem. Come and check. My name in game is ManusDei. Here are some screens of the problem.