Bugged quests in Tokyo

So, I have come to 2 bugged quests that pove that can’t be progressed: The Shadow & The Pachinko Model (both in Tokyo).

The former is bugged where it asks me to (after chooising my trait) to spell out the opposite. It won’t accept various words (ie, if I choose Happy, it won’t accpet Unhappy, Sad, etc.), nor any word written on the other boards (and I also can’t write on them after I select the initial one).

The latter is bugged because the keys to the various doors are nowhere. I have checked everywhere (not just the breakrooms & cinema), and now the light is bugged (even after starting th game for the 3RD TIME).

Thanks, Funcom. Really. You messed up badly on AoC and now this game too.

Please put your hosue in order and fix these bugs.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t put a petition in game because I don’t want to wait 6 months for a reponse. I want the people in charge to be accounted for this.

For the first one you can only select one board, and yes, the posters do give the correct response to spell out.

In FNF the keys can show up in various places so you’ve missed something.

Are you following old guides perhaps? Tswdb.com is a good resource, but make sure you’re not on the grey and yellow legacy site which only applies to TSW.

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Yah, agree that it is solved. Even applied the “solution” tag because agree. But have found that the quest “Bustin’” quest s indeed bugged - the item to test on the infcted people is missing - can’t get in the original crate near the truck (is not a “clickable” item anymore), can’t get in the ally (am on Tier 4/4), can’t get it on the beach (was there at Tier 3/4)…

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