Can't proceed to Tokyo

I am on the “preludes and intrigues” part of the main quest. It sais “Talk to your faction handler:”. Just passed Venice and the training machine. And I am not receiving any calls from faction handler. Nor can I enter the Dojang. Does any one has a solution or had same issue before?

If the quest is active but you’re still waiting for the phone call, jumping off of any Agartha platform will usually trigger that.

Also, for Dragon characters the place to visit your faction handler for these interlude quests is not the Dojang, which is permanently closed off after the tutorial, but further down the path.

Thank you for the reply. I tried jumping off the platforms, but it didn’t work, as I think I need to talk to them personally. Tryed to look for any other doors in Seoul, but all I have is Dojang, PvP zone, and Agartha entrance. It is the only active quest I have now. Can’t abandon it to restart too.

Jumping off only works if you’re still waiting for your phone call. After that, the door you’re looking for is south of the Dojang. It’s not marked on your map.


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Thank you, missed that door! Exploring Tokyo now:)


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