Cannot get online due to chat filter

On 19 August, I tried to filter spam from showing on anarchy. I believe because the new spam uses //\ (forward and backslash) in place of M it cannot be filtered in the same way. Also, because slashes are used a lot in program, I am no longer able to get into Anarchy at all. I also believe the problem is in the utils.dll file and do not know how or where to fix it. Can someone please advise me as to how to correct problem so I can get back on to Anarchy, please? BTW, I also restored my computer to an earlier date but that did not work either.

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I’m not sure if the filter is actually causing you to be unable to play, but if you suspect that’s the case, you can disable it out of game.

Locate the following file:
C:\Users\[Windows user name]\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\[hash]\[AO directory]\Prefs\Prefs.xml

Open this file with your favourite text editor, e.g. windows notepad. It should look something like this:

The lines under ChatFilterRules are your chat filters (in my sceenshot lines 4, 5, 6, 7). Delete the ones you wish to remove.
I would recommend making a backup first when editing your preferences.


Thank you, that gave me the location of where the problem was. The way I was able to correct it was to receive a new prefs.xml from someone who did not have those filters. Thank you again for taking time to answer my question. I really do appreciate it.