Game crashed, now prefs not loading at all

So yesterday I was gaming and my connection was lost and thus the game crashed, ever since my prefs are no longer loading, though the prefs folder is intact, how do I get the prefs to load again cause I dont want to redo all my prefs from scratch
thanksi n advance

The actual prefs folder is in C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\FOLDER NAME OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS\Anarchy Online

Move this prefs folder to a new location; ( if you copy and paste delete the prefs folder in the above location) start the game, log in any character. Log out completely, restart the pc to ensure clientD.exe isn’t running in the background.
Move the Prefs folder back to it’s location over-writing the newly created one.

Your prefs should now be back as they where.

Going to do that right away, thanks

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