Settings not saving

I set my keymap to use esdf rather than wasd. everytime I log in, it is reset to wasd and my reticle is back to the default settings

I have heard this happening to some people occasionally, I assume all of your settings are going back to default each time you log in?

A possible solution is to delete the SWL folder in appdata so that it has to rebuild the file entirely next time you log in. You will have to reset your preferences the next time you log in, but hopefully after that they will stick again.

For the stand alone client installation, you should find the file here:


For a Steam installation, I think it might be somewhere in here, but not 100% sure where exactly, maybe someone else can help if you use steam and can’t find it:


It’s in exactly the same place as the non-steam version, at least on my pc.

Oh, good to know. I’ve had people seem to have some trouble finding it when I’ve given that location before. Thanks.

So I finally had time to uninstall/reinstall the game. I did it both from the steam client and deleting it directly from the app data folder. Neither of those worked, unfortunately. Do you have any other suggestions?

Specifically after logging out of the game, you deleted just the preferences folder, then logging back in, changing settings, and logging out? I’m wondering from what you said if the uninstall did not fully remove the preferences file.

I would definitely get in touch with support, they can help you fix this.

I deleted SWL from Steam\steamapps\common
How do I contact support?

You can and should also open a support ticket, but the location you just listed sounds like where the game is installed, NOT where the preferences file is. If you are under Program Files it is definitely the wrong section. The goal is to delete the preferences folder with SWL installed so that it recreates the preference files the next time you start up the game.