Resetting preferences

A very wide variety of issues can be resolved by resetting your preferences files. This procedure can help with with any number of UI elements, problems with preferences not saving correctly, files becoming altered incorrectly by mods, and even controls. Because of the range of fixes it provides it’s often one of the first troubleshooting steps we like to use for many reported issues, and can be very helpful to try if you are waiting to hear back from a CS representative or want a first step to try. To do a preferences reset please follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. In the address/location bar, enter %LOCALAPPDATA%
  3. Navigate into Funcom\SWL
  4. Rename the Prefs folder into Prefs_old
  5. Temporarily disable your anti-virus and go to your Secret World install folder
  6. Under Data is a folder called “GUI”. Please delete this
  7. In your Secret World install folder right click on PatcherSetup.exe and run it as an administrator.
  8. When that completes run the patcher normally
  9. Locate and open the options menu
  10. Select “Repair broken game data”
  11. Allow the launcher to replace/correct any needed files/information

Please keep in mind that running this will return your client to default settings as well as remove and repair any changes made by mods or custom UI installations, so you will need to set things back to how you want them after running it.