Unable to access some menus that have gotten off screen

I recently upgraded my graphics car driver and when I loaed in the game some of the windows are off the screen and I can’t get to them. I tried resetting the res ingame and windows desktop and with the graphics card driver. I got most of the windows back. I can’t seem to get the upgrade window back at all tried deleted pref folder and debug for ui but can’t realy make out what I should be looking for with that but was wondering if there is anyway to to just reset the full ui. Seems like everthing I looked up is not working or I am doing something wrong. Any help would be nice ty.

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You might be able to get somewhere by editing the prefs file manually. A search for “ItemUpgradeConfig” in the Prefs_2.xml file at the character level should find the entry in need of adjustment. Otherwise you may need to fight through the debug menu.

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Here’s how I fix this for players. You are welcome to try it yourself, and if you need help, then you can email us (help.funcom.com/) with the name or names of the affected characters and we’ll fix it on our end.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (sometimes called File Explorer) and enter %localappdata% in the address bar

  2. Navigate to Funcom > SWL > Prefs > [your account name] > [your character ID]

  • If you have more than one character, then you can determine your character’s numerical ID by using the command “/setoption LastPlayedCharacter” in any in-game chat window.
  1. After you open the folder with your character ID, find the file called “Prefs_2.xml”. Right-click and select edit.

  2. Depending on which window is actually missing, you’re going to be looking for different things. If you were trying to restore the default position of your daily login rewards window, you’d be looking for something like this:

The WindowY and WindowX values are what you’re going to change. Setting them to 100.000000 will put the window in the top left corner of your screen. Any windows with a WindowY and WindowX value of say 1200 or so are probably not going to appear on the screen for a 1080p resolution.

Common windows you might be looking for:

DailyLoginConfig = Login Rewards
TradepostWindowConfig = Auction House
GroupFinderWindowConfig = Activity Finder
InventoryWindowConfig = Character Inventory
MissionJournalWindowConfig = Mission Journal
ChallengeJournalWindowConfig = Challenge Journal
CharacterSheetConfig = Equipped items window / Character Sheet

  1. After adjusting the x and y position of the window, close and save the Prefs_2 file.

  2. Right-click on Prefs_2.xml and select properties. Then turn on “Read-only” then press ok.

  3. Run the game and log in to your character. If you adjusted the correct window, then it should now appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

  4. The final step is to turn off “Read-only” for Prefs_2.xml, and then log out. Now the changes have been saved to the server.

It’s not a very hard procedure, but it’s a little time consuming. If you don’t want to mess with this procedure, then we’ll be happy to do it for you at help.funcom.com/.


Great suggestion @Peloprata! I’ll expand a bit on that for those who are unfamiliar with what they’re looking for.

What is the name for the Agent screen? I cannot successfully use the agent items at all and nothing looks right in that settings file.

The Agent Network, otherwise known as the Agent System, is in the character Prefs_2.xml as AgentSystemConfig. Edit its WindowX and WindowY coordinates accordingly to force it back into the bounds of your resolution!

Windows not mentioned in the initial post include:

AchievementLoreWindowConfig = Achievement and Legends Window
AgentSystemConfig = Agent Network Window (Agent System Window)
BankWindowConfig = Bank Window
ChatMacroWindowConfig = Chat Macro Window
ClaimWindowConfig = Claim Window (Delivered Items Window)
ComposeMailWindowConfig = Mail Composition Window
CraftingWindowConfig = Crafting Window
EmotesWindowConfig = Emotes Window (Emotes GUI)
FriendsWindowConfig = Friends Window
GroupSearchWindowConfig = Social Window
GuildWindowConfig = Cabal Management Window
ItemUpgradeConfig = Item Upgrade Window (Assembly Window)
LockoutTimersWindowConfig = Lockout Timers Window (Lockout GUI)
PetWindowConfig = Pet/Sprint Inventory Window
RegionTeleportWindowConfig = Region Teleport Window
SkillHiveConfig = Abilities Window
WalletWindowConfig = Wallet Window

While many use WindowX and WindowY, some utilize Position, PosX and PosY, or windowPosX and windowPosY instead. The Chat Macro Window uses none of these, being one of the odd ones out.

Please do not attempt to set any these coordinates from in-game, as you can void your window settings if the commands aren’t correctly input!

Please edit the coordinates directly within the Prefs_2.xml file by following steps outlined in @Umborls’ above post!

If I’ve missed a window, I’ll edit this post ASAP! I hope this helps!

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Rather than the Agent Network, I meant the screen that shows up when you use the Agent item from your inventory. (I misspoke and then went back and edited it, but wasn’t clear.) I can see the description of the Agent but no way to take any action about it, so I cannot add them to my network.

If the description is still visible you should be able to drag the window back into view by any part of it.

Do you mean that the text is filling the whole window and pushing the button too low so it no longer appears in the window? If so - could also be due to your resolution settings. I had this on the windows that pop up when entering agent missions until I rescaled them.

Changing to a monitor with a larger maximum resolution and using that did work. Still a critical bug to fix, though, it needed a big monitor.

Do you mean that the text is filling the whole window and pushing the button too low so it no longer appears in the window?

No, the window was literally entirely off the edge of the screen. No corner or edge appeared within the selectable area.