Reverting to Old client - Prefs not working?

I give up on all the crashes with the new client and want to revert to the old one, but I can’t seem to use my prefs. I’ve had AO old client and new client separated, but they seem to “share” the prefs folder. So I installed a fresh old client but no luck on the prefs still. Is there no way to use “new” prefs with old client?

In short; Yes there is. If you look into the prefs folder structure inside your “\user folder\AppData\Local\Funcom” folder, you will see a hashed folder name. This is derived from the installation location of the client(s). Inside of this folder you will find the name of the AO installation folder, and within that are the various config folders including Prefs. You can do a couple of things here;

a) copy all your Prefs from the new client installation user data location to the old client installation user data location. This will work, however will also be dependant upon other factors including screen resolution for each client to be the same for things to be placed the same within each UI.

b) It was for this very reason I wrote the Prefs sync function into AOIA+. This would be your option 2. Given what I mentioned above is also a reason why I developed the resolution fix for the old client (note this is Win10 only at the moment). Once both clients are installed, you can use the menu options to point AOIA+ to each installation of AO, and select to have Prefs sync switched on, and which elements of the Prefs you want Synced, all from the menu options. This also allows you to occasionally go between both old and new clients and magically have all your settings synced between the two.

Hope this helps!


Ooooo, That’s pretty sweet! I’ve only been using the old version of AOIA but I will be sure to update that to the newest version like right now. Thank you so much for the reply! Should give me enough to go on to make this work. :slight_smile:

This worked perfectly!!! Thank you so so so much

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