Need help with settings


So i recently got myself a new Computer and installed AoC on it… everything is working fine but what bothers me is that all my settings(keybinds, UI stuff, etc) are set to default again. especially all the keybind would take ages to re-do as they were before.
So i wonder if there’s a way to “copy” the settings from my old computer to the new one and where i can find those datas. Hope someone can help me, thanks.


Yes you must locate the directory C:\Users\Windows Username\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan and copy the “Prefs” folder to the same directory on your new machine.

The “appdata” folder will be a hidden folder so you can just type appdata in the address bar when you get to the Username folder which would be your windows username.


Thx for the fast response, im triying that, hope it works