"Pref" files" from prior years

Hi Gang,

Returning player. Just re-subbed and found that most of my toons are still there with their original names (phew :slight_smile: ). However, after downloading the current client all my old GUI setups and pref settings are gone. I discovered on a old hard drive that I still have the “pref files” from 2005. Was hoping to copy those in the new installation but cannot find a subdirectory labeled “prefs”

Any of you have any ideas or run across this yourself?

Thanks in advance.


AO prefs are buried under AppData, so it’ll be somewhere like

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\f39b53b9\Anarchy Online\Prefs\Zagadka\Char696317635\

Obviously replacing Zagadka and the char ID.

EDIT; Actually, I"m dumb, the easier way to get there is to open the launcher, go to Settings, GUI tab, then hit “open” next to the screenshots entry. That’ll get you to the prefs folder.

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look in %localappdata%/Funcom

you probably will have to adjust the characters ids for the folders since everyone moved to RK5 from 1, 2 or 3

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Thanks guys, that seems to put me in the right place. Now to figure out how to do this without breaking it :smiley: